Welcome to $DRAKEY

Welcome to Drakey, your first and final mythical meme dragon, the unchallenged monarch of Memeland, is here! According to AI prophecy, it's the much-anticipated Pepe Assassin.
Now, don't be deceived by Drakey's comical exterior, it's one ferocious beast. Fiery? More like a supernova! Drakey, the meme-eating dragon, can reduce any rival token to mere atomic dust. So-called heavyweight projects? They're shaking in their virtual shoes. The canine club? Cowering in corners. And our amphibian friends? They're bouncing out of sight.
Drakey, the terror of the meme world, the one entity feared by all. Not to mention, Drakey possesses a speed so blistering, it's known to outpace time itself. It's so fast, it'd make even Elon Musk's rockets feel like they're stuck in a traffic jam.
Last modified 4mo ago